Welcome to The Huppdate (Vol. 1)

Greetings HUPPSTERS,

Thanks for signing up for my newsletter and welcome the first installment of what I’m calling “THE HUPPDATE”. It will be about things Hupp / Hupp & Ray / The Honey Badgers and music related talk, hopefully on a quarterly basis.

“Hupp” (Solo)

I can’t believe how quickly 2019 is rolling by as we approach Shrimpfest and the busy season on the island. The Concourse d’Legance Show kicked it all off again last month and April saw my first attempt at a "Songwriter's Listening Room" show at the Florida House and another Music at the Marina Concert at the waterfront.

2018 was a productive year in learning parts of the music business. Along with writing new material, I recorded a CD project, developed logos and merchandise related skills and launched the short-lived “Hupp & The Yacht Rockers” project. All good lessons in my music career growth and development.

My favorite part of the year was indeed firing up the creative process and writing new original material. "Riptide", "Swim Your Kiss" and now "Danny’s Blues" have joined "Baltimore Bound" as staple songs I really enjoy playing out at shows. I'm excited to continue the creative process in 2019.

“Hupp & Ray”

Producing acoustic “duo” music with Ray Hetchka (of Kayak Amelia fame) has been a joy in my life since we started performing together over a decade ago in 2008. Ray is an incredible talent and I don’t know another duo around that recreates the harmony work and overall sounds of the 60’s & 70’s acoustic rock acts quite the way we do! This duo is the basis for the other projects discussed below.

We really enjoyed presenting our first “Songwriter’s Night” featuring original music in a listening room environment on Friday, April 12th at the Florida House. We intend to schedule another one in June or July. We will keep you posted.

“These Three Yoots”

Adding our friend and fabulous drummer & percussionist, Dr. Hal London, on djembe or acoustic drums has produced a trio we call “These Three Yoots” (think My Cousin Vinny!). This project has developed a tight, acoustic-based vibe that features lite rock with a bigger overall sound than the duo can produce. Featured at The Down Under (various dates) throughout 2019.

“The Honey Badgers”

This is the full-blown, top-shelf, all-out classic rock party band of Amelia Island. Adding the blazing master level guitar work of Vic Deacon (who I've had the pleasure of making music with since 2006), The Honey Badgers have developed an unmatched all request format for incredible nights of great classic rock music.

This NO SET LIST project is driven by (and thrives on…) audience participation. You say it, we play it (at least our take on it). It’s fun, fast moving, nearly unheard of in local bar band formats – and we LOVE it! Look for The Honey Badgers at The Sandbar, The Green Turtle, Palace Saloon and The Down Under during 2019. Some nights are subject to our increasingly popular “Unplugged” format!

The Honey Badgers play Sounds on Centre on Friday, August 2nd 2019 from 6pm to 8pm. We will present the “Woodstock 50th Anniversary Celebration” featuring a rundown of the ’69 Woodstock’s greatest hits. Let’s transform Centre Street into Lester’s Farm - put on your best Hippie garb and join us on August 2nd for an evening of Peace, Love and Music!


We are excited to release the “Hupp Signature Logo” series of t-shirts and items now available for purchase at any (solo) show or on this website.

T-Shirts. The shirts are a Gildan Brand “Softstyle” Ring Spun (100% Cotton) available in three colors: Black, Gray and Navy Blue in Sizes: S, M, L, XL, and XXL. When washed they shrink slightly (no size change) to a soft, breathable feel that is great for upcoming summer wear! $20.00 each (plus shipping)

Glassware: Laser Engraved Beer Glass or Stemless Wine Glass = $15 each or 4 for $50 (plus shipping) have been added to the SHOP section of the website.

Bottle Opener Keychain: A purple colored, laser engraved key chain/bottle opener to impress your friends = $5.00 each. DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE.

FREE sticker included with every purchase! Thanks for your continued support of local live music!

Well, that wraps up edition one of THE HUPPDATE... more to follow during the next quarter as I enter the studio again this year to create a new project. Which reminds me... as soon as I can figure out how to get the songs from last year's CD onto this website for FREE download to your devices, I will send out a note letting you know they are available.

All The Best -


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